• Hello I’m Howard

    I am a missionary, currently living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I am working with Beach Communities Church in Brasalito to lead the High School Group, coordinate incoming missions teams, and general help for the pastor here.
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    Two options for financially supporting the work going on here, in Costa Rica. The "Make a Donation" button goes directly to me through PayPal.

    If you would like to support through my organization and receive a tax benefit, please click the link for ACI, below. Please make sure you designate the funds for account "REI". Otherwise, it will go to the general fund and they will not know to designate it to my account. All major credit cards are accepted for both methods. You may also mail a check to ACI, if you wish. Thank You, Howard. http://aciint.org/Giving.htm

A Clean Canvas

Have you ever hoped for a clean canvas just to start over? I feel like that’s what’s going on for this town, Tamarindo. Most of you may know I returned to Costa Rica a few weeks ago. I am working with the local chapter of Christian Surfers. While the focus of CS is to reach … Continue reading

Off and running…almost…..

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great! I am back here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I got back to CR this past wednesday. I spent a few days with a friend in San Jose, the to Jaco for the Christian Surfers conference, and now here. I am excited to see what God has … Continue reading

Heading back to the Promise Land…..

So I haven’t blogged in a while. So much to process since I left Costa Rica in early June. So much God has done in my spirit.  So much He has done to inspire me, so much He has done to heal me. I have had the great benefit of being around my family and … Continue reading

How is your passion?

Hey, so I have a great friend who encourages reads into me and encourages me on a deep level. He is one of many, but the way he speaks into me is unique. My friend Linus read this daily devotional to me this morning. it fits how I feel about stuff. I would love to … Continue reading

2 Corinthians 7:1

Is my focus today. I have been rocked for weeks by 1&2 Corinthians. Today, God has me to focus on 2 Corinthians 7:1, in light of the previous chapter. It’s good when we are called to something greater than ourselves. The “sacrifices” are minor compared to the greater relationship with Jesus. I am in a … Continue reading

Don’t you want a piece of the glory, just to see what it tastes like???

The title is a quote from one of the best movies ever made: Nacho Libre. Nacho is aspiring for greatness and uses this question to try to motivate his teammate, Stephen, when they are losing and Steven is ready to quit. Although this is comedy, this scene really captures some true things about who we … Continue reading

Life is better when you’re listening to the Clave (clav-ay)

Where’s my Salseros y Salseras? You know what a Clave is. It’s the distinct, high pitched, percussion sound in salsa music. It’s what keeps the beat. The basic salsa step has 6 counts, all to the Clave. I got this lesson last week when a new friend, Monica, was in town. sh showed me the … Continue reading

Show me your deeds…

Simple thought today:  Do something good for someone.  Do it in the name of Jesus.  That’s my angle.  Show God’s love to people.  Actually do something for someone.  if someone needs something, get it for them, whether they actually need you to get it or not. Send a nice email or actually give a phone … Continue reading

Let’s stay together…

hey guys. Just a quick note to talk about unity. I had such a rad time with God the other day. I rode my bike down the beach and found an outlook. I walked up jsut to look at the ocean. God told me to have a seat then He directed me to 1Cor 3&4. … Continue reading

Honor and Unity.

So this might be a quick one, might no be… I just finished reading Acts ( in the Bible).  The Apostle Luke is recognized as the author.  He walked with Jesus.  He kept great records of what happened, responsible for one of the Gospels of ( stories about) Jesus that was accepted into the bible.  … Continue reading